The Purple Pill- Full Album Lyrics

I Still See Chains 

By Simon Meola 

Looking out of my window, black clouds swelling with rain 

Noticing all this darkness, a metaphor of these days 

Putting out fire with diesel, many mistakes I’ve made 

Kicking out all of my demons, the rent’s too high to be paid 

Nice, but I still see chains 

Fire in the skies burning me 

Chasing my tail it’s gonna be fun for a while, stupidity 

Nice, but I still see chains 

Picking up where we left off, realize you’re nothing but a meal 

Something else looking through my eyes, killer trying to work through me 

Cackling laughter crazy, struggling to find my feet 

Hold me up, hold me up heart please, still water runs so deep 

Nice, but I still see chains 

Clipping off these chains all over us 

Sick of the restraints I’ve had enough poison of the mind, 

It’s seeping out 

Nice, but I still see chains 

Weight, weight off my shoulders 

Wait now, weight off my shoulders 

Weight, weight off my shoulders 

Life pouring down 

The Purple Pill 

By Simon Meola 

You welcomed me in love 

swam through my mind and remained 

showed me my weakness 

threatened to dance on my grave 

Painted me a picture, gave me a taste 

Swam against the river, what a mistake 

Stand by, the veil has unfurled 

I’m not resisting, the turn 

I might elude to the truth 

Surrender and flow with the river of life and in turn 

sever the blinders and spiral down into the burn 

blowing out the candle 

with all of this hate 

complicate the simple 

destroy and create 

I’m tired of waiting for you 

strap down the ego, wont you? 

I might elude to the truth 

And I’m bleeding at the end 

But the soul is at peace 

It’s just a moment at the end 

Diamond Mine 

By Simon Meola 

Let it come on out, let it come on out 

Let it come on out, let it come on out 

Laughing and crying at the state we’re in 

our minds ain’t ready for revolution 

so here I sit underneath the sun 

eating my words and twiddling my thumbs 

Hey diamond mine, dig me up a little prize 

Before winter comes, coz I’m running out of steam 

But hey, there comes a time, to give back what you never owned 

And catch a glimpse of what your kin might know 

Everyone’s an expert it seems 

Blowing hot air from keyboards and screens 

It is what it is, eternal now 

Whatcha gonna do with your sacred cow? 

Feel the penny drop, feel the penny drop 

keep it rolling, keep it rolling 

don’t keep it under lock and key 

See the wise man come, see him cut right down 

but he keeps coming, (he) keeps coming 

running like a big old train 

Hey diamond mine, carving out the new ground 

Don’t blow my mind, so far that I no longer see 

Shades of black and white, loosening the grip of pride 

A day may come, to slap you around for clarity 

Let it come on out, let it come on out, let it come on out 

Silence Speaks 

By Simon Meola 

Time, to shut my mouth down, for a while 

my head ain’t matching my words 

the solace of night is baiting me 

to enter the world of silence 

whispers to me, the vulnerability 

Just biding out time, until we die 

Silent are the signs 

I feel your warmth, breeze by me 

Your Cheshire grin my memory 

But now and then I see your hints 

Behind the insane 

The insane logic of a world gone crazy 

Crazy with greed, but remember the beauty 

That you hid right in front of me 

We’re watching everything 

Made out of Men 

By Simon Meola 

The fault lines are restless, so tired of these clowns 

Listening intently to the lies on the ground 

Man has hate, and seldom will listen to 

Voices from strangers, aligned to the truth 

I don’t wanna see such a fall 

It’s just I can’t help but feel we are due 

To right this wrong of broken exchanges 

I’m not about to peter out and fade 

I’m not about to peter out 

This choice we’ve made to shamefully walk away 

From all that we used to be 

Don’t come without a price that we’ll have to pay 

But I hope I’m wrong 

The war machine rising, again with these clowns 

Aggressively posted in tired worn out towns 

Hired to kill, empathy’s beat out 

Obeying the orders of men with no heart 

They’re told that it’s for greater good 

So blindly they’ll follow the men in suits 

To death in the sand, ignorance made this 

(But) I can imagine that the paradigm will change 

And I can imagine that it will stay the same 

Here come the armies again 

Shaking their fists and they’re made out of men 

The brainwashed up soldier is me 

It’s him and it’s her, and it’s you can’t you see? 

But you don’t want to see 

Does it hurt you to see the responsibility is on me? 

Take all of this pain and turn it around 

Realize your chains were never locked down 

The chains of your family, the chains of religion 

The chains in your mind, you made it your prison 

We’re made out of men, shaped in the clay 

I hope to see you all again 

Phoenix tears 

By Simon Meola 

Hey yeah, shimmering warmth down my spine 

Hey yeah, a little of you makes us shine 

Phoenix tears stream in my dreaming 

Changes, whether you want them or not 

Imagining everyone, taking their power 

Leaving all the chemicals, the banks are left sour 

I believe the time has come from here to across the pond 

Sweet lady you’re breaking through 

Time’s up for this endless fued 

Hey yeah, a little of you makes us shine 

Patience, everything comes in good time 

Phoenix tears stream in my dreaming 

Changes, whether you want them or not 

It’s nothing new for her to heal 

(you were always here and you always will be) 

Emerald arms beneath the sun 

(you were always here and you always will be) 

For many an age we would do what was right 

(thinking about the way that we left off) 

Lady May forgive this pass 

(you were always here and you always will be) 

Lady Sound 

By Simon Meola 

Well I remember lemon trees and 

Cutting beams of sun through leaves and 

My Grandfather showing me the life 

And I remember days never ending 

The front yard seemed bigger back then 

The simple joy of creatures in the clouds 

And where do we all come from 

before we all come as children in to Kali Yuga fusion? 

This is our downfall 

Now I can see the patterns forming 

The innocence of my child is golden 

Enjoy these times, we only get one round 

Why do we sacrifice uniqueness? 

Boys don’t cry, girls wear this dress 

The aching stress of conformity 

And as the years rolled back to the ocean 

Lady sound I heard you calling 

In my final hours of childhood 

I dove right in and swam through your rhythm 

From end to end, the colours of radiance 

But I’ll never know what you really are. 

Running Mouth 

By Simon Meola 

Hey, you caught me unaware 

But you can’t shake a stone, no 

The cowards are everywhere 

You’re kidding yourself again…… 

Never, never bleed out the burning 

Never, never fight what you’re feeling 

Go and take the time to turn around 

Face the fear that greets you in the now 

You, twisting the truth, burn 

Living in fantasy, spare me your pain 

Go chase down your running mouth 


By Simon Meola 

I never did agree with 

anything that crossed my mind 

I’ve been battling evil 

from when I let my guard right down 

My demons had a field day 

chasing all my angels off 

I gave them all free reign 

to see if I could cope with loss 

of an ideal humble life 

and now I find I’m forever waiting, for 

Coming full circle 

Talking at a dead mans tomb 

Never got nobody nowhere 

Beating your heart like it’s going out of tune 

Checking my free will 

I think it left it in your room 

The clock reads 5:55 

Striking like a viper 

I’m still here waiting for a ride 

I feel you shine divine creation through my heart 

You know I regret all the times I spat on me 

I’m gonna welcome you with arms branching out to sea