Grooving hook, hip happening, tripping out groove dudes. Catchy with a bit of dirty, gritty, bluesy, edgy sound. Your vocals kick ass, in your face. Big slapping coolness, like a dog laying down his chops on a tasty bone”

— Blues Music Is Truth

The Liquid Eclectic

Based on the Gold Coast, Australia, The Liquid Eclectic are an accidental band formed from a solo project of Simon Meola who coalesced with the best musician friends he has worked with over the years to play on his independently produced album 'The Purple Pill', released in March 2017. 

The members of the band have played every type of gig imaginable, from awkward hotel rooms for surprise wedding proposals, to the openings of furniture stores at 8am on Sunday mornings, to violent and furious underground shows, to cheesy Caribbean cruise ships. You name it, they’ve done it. And all in the name of their love of playing music. BUT, all of this cheese rolled together has spawned an electrifying progressive blues band who yearn to carry out a modern and ever-evolving approach to their music. They are currently crafting a new album for release in 2018 with their combined musical knowledge and artistry.

As the band name suggests, their music is eclectic, with varying styles ranging from alternative rock, blues, hard rock, acoustic instrumental and roots. It's difficult to fit their music in to any genre box as they draw their sound from multiple influences, adding their own unique and edgy spin.

The Liquid Eclectic ranked in the top 5 nominations for 'Best International' in the 2017 Toronto Independent Music Awards.

They headlined the Sun stage at the 2018 Caloundra Music Festival, September 28th.

In previous bands they have opened for:

The Butterfly Effect- Booked as 'Moons of Jupiter' by

Mental as Anything- Booked  as 'Archie Rye' by

The Choir Boys- Booked  as Simon Meola by

James Reyne- Booked  as Simon Meola by

The Radiators- Booked  as 'Archie Rye' by

And performed with Jeff Martin of The Tea Party as 'Archie Rye'  at


Caloundra Music Festival 2018. Photo courtesy Isabelvan Heeckeren photography

Caloundra Music Festival 2018. Photo courtesy Isabelvan Heeckeren photography

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